"...а такие, как мы, танцуют танго - а хрена ли там танцевать?" (с)
22.06.2014 в 17:58
Пишет helle:

Дарлинг теперь на модные показы в Милане отправился. )))

@CalvinKlein @IGGYAZALEA @NickSwagyPYoung Good times!!!

А это вчерашнее, тоже уже в Милане. Знакомое поло в горошек :)

HAIR APPARENT: Luke Evans kept running his fingers through his hair at GQ’s fashion bash in Milan on Saturday night. “It feels so bizarre. I had curly hair all my life, but I had to get it straightened for my next movie,” he said of “High Rise,” a sci-fi drama set in the Seventies, in which he stars opposite Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller.

“I look like George Best, the footballer, you know? And the pants were a little bit tight back then, everything was on display,” lamented Evans, who will also be seen in “The Hobbit: The Battle: of the Five Armies” and “Dracula Untold” this year. He boasted he was perfectly cast for the latter movie. “I’ve got the fangs,” he said, showing off his pointy canine teeth.


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