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Ren Strangel
Я пришел к тебе с приветом, рассказать, что я с приветом ©
Любимый цвет - зеленый!
Любимая книга - "Жизнь Пи".
Любимый гном - "Бофур".
А в дУше хорошо петь Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now"!
...и многое другое.

Я насчитала 30 ответов плюс тот, который "I can't believe you all sent me over a thousand questions!". Если есть еще - пишите, pls, добавлю.

Q: You and Orlando look so much alike. Did you guys ever switch places as a joke? If you did, did it work?

LE: We say that we would love to do a movie together where we played brothers because it would make a lot a sense, but we've never actually swapped places, hah.

Q: What is your favorite quote in the movie?

LE: "A dwarven king so driven by his own greed, he could not see beyond his own desire!"

Q: Which role you would like to play? I think you will be great as James Bond. you look adorable in suit 😎

LE: That's very kind! Who knows? There are so many roles I'd love to play. We'll see...

Q: What is your favorite color?

LE: Green!

Q: What is something you've learned (a skill, something about yourself) that you continued to practice/pursue after The Hobbit?

LE: I learned how to use a bow and arrow, which is really cool. I really just enjoyed the people I was working with on set.

Q: If you took a date somewhere in Middle Earth, where would it be?

LE: Lothlorien!

Q: Have you every considered directing? And if so will we be seeing any of your work?

LE: I'd love to direct one day. Still writing slowly some projects with a friend of mine, but it's a long way off yet...

Q: Luke, what is your drink of choice? A pint of...? Maybe a Bourbon?

LE: An Old-Fashioned.

Q: If you could live in middle earth where would you want to live? And as what (elf, dwarf, wizard,man)

LE: What about a hobbit? I'd totally love to live in Bag End.

Q: How does it feel being part of something as epic as Tolkiens universe and playing such a crucial role in the adventure? What has it meant to you, professionally and personally?

LE: I feel lucky to be a part of such an important story and to play such a great character. It was a gift, and I'll be forever grateful that they cast me as Bard the Bowman.

Q: In an archery contest, who would win: Bard or Legolas?

LE: Oooh, I don't know. I have a feeling it would be neck and neck.

Q: How do you even function working beside Lee Pace? and also do you cry at night knowing this is the end of the epic saga? Because I do!

LE: He's great. He's a very talented actor and a lovely guy.

Q: What is your favourite book?

LE: Life of Pi and The Hobbit, of course!

Q: What are some great songs to sing in the shower?

LE: Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now"!

Q: Who was the best dwarf you worked with?

LE: My favourite is Bofur!

Q: How was your relation with the young actors who play your children in the film? Did you teach them the welsh accent for the movie?

LE: I loved them. All three of them are just great. I can't even call them kids anymore because they've all grown into young adults. I helped them with their dialect, but they were really good, they picked it up so quickly.

Q: Orcs? Of dragons?

LE: I prefer orcs, I think.

Q: Hi Luke, what is your favorite TV show ?

LE: Family Guy!

Q: Do you think there are any similarities between you and Bard?

LE: A couple. He's Welsh, I'm Welsh. He's a good man, I'm a good man. Most of the time.

Q: What was the most interesting part about having Peter Jackson as a director

LE: It was an amazing experience.

Q: What would Bard's guilty pleasure be?

LE: Having a bath!

Q: Candy canes or chocolate Santas?

LE: Candy canes!

Q: What is your favourite scene in The Hobbit?

LE: Is it vain to say it's my scene with the dragon?

Q: How was it being Bard vs. being Dracula as an actor? Was your preparation for these roles different, or do you just immerse yourself, and act at "Action!"?

LE: Well, they were very different, with some similarities as well. They both have families that they were fighting for. No difference, really - when you're in a role, you just immerse yourself.

Q: If you were stuck on an island, what is the one thing you would want to have to survive?

LE: My mum.

Q: Who would you say was the funniest person on set from the cast during filming?:)

LE: Everyone had their moments, but I would say Ian McKellen made me laugh the most.

Q: If not Bard, what other characer in the Hobbit would you like to play?

LE: I'd like to play Thorin. He's a very complex character.

Q: At the end of shooting did you get to keep anything? If so what was it?:)

LE: I kept my sword!

Q: Favorite prop from the hobbit?

LE: My sword! And my bow and arrow!

Q: What was/is your favorite memory while working on #TheHobbit? Will you miss it?

LE: Being on set with all of my friends and doing what I love!

LE: I can't believe you all sent me over a thousand questions! I'm humbled and feel very special. I really hope you enjoy the movie and keep the love flowing. Merry Christmas!

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2014-12-03 в 23:29 

У самой мудрой в лесу совы на полке стоит хрустальный Друзь (с) КВН
Люк просто лапушка :)

2014-12-04 в 07:26 

"...а такие, как мы, танцуют танго - а хрена ли там танцевать?" (с)
I'd like to play Thorin. He's a very complex character. - оооо! :buh:

2014-12-04 в 12:39 

Ren Strangel
Я пришел к тебе с приветом, рассказать, что я с приветом ©
Люк просто лапушка

обнять и плакать!:heart:

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